Title: Everything After: A 9/11 Youth Circle
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Annotation: This site is run by Global Kids, an organization dedicated to helping urban youth become community and global leaders. Everything After 911 (ea911) was a month long online dialogue in which teens from across the country carried on discussions on topics such as the importance of friends, war: what is it good for, and goodbyes. These discussion logs can be viewed in their entirety, and include statistics on the number of members participating, the length of the discussion, and the number of messages submitted. The ea911 collection is being permanently archived by the September 11 Digital Archive.
Excerpt: It's been six months since the attacks, and in some ways life has gone back to normal. But "normal" feels different than it used to - teens around the United States have been traumatized by the after effects: stuff like the anthrax scare, the war in Afghanistan, racial intolerance at home. Young people need a space to set their own agenda and talk about the emotional impact of this new climate, and explore how these events continue to affect their lives.
Type: organization
Contains: discussion