Title: World Trade Center, NYC, 9/11-9/12/01.....from the eyes of Eddie!
Author: Edward S. Zuckerman
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Annotation: This is an email a New Jersey fireman wrote to his colleagues, friends and family about his experiences on 9/11. It is an interesting piece starkly displaying the utter confusion and disorganization following the attacks to the morbid realization that very little search and rescue was needed. The text has hyperlinks to amateur photos the author took on his way to Ground Zero and of Ground Zero.
Excerpt: I was one of 4 people on the Ambulance (228). Our town also rolled a rescue truck (which overheated on the way to Police HQ), and was subsequently replaced by our pumper, 223. As we drove towards NYC, you could see the smoke plume. Somehow, we ended up at Liberty State Park where several hundred Ambulances and apparatus staged.
Type: personal
Contains: stories, images