Title: Diary of a New Yorker
Author: Kim D. Abramson
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Annotation: This journal of Kim Abramson starts on September 11 and goes through October 28, 2001. The journal is part of a site run by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Abramsonís journal is a fascinating look at one womanís life after September 11. She lives near Ground Zero, and her writings offer insight into the perspective of a person whose life was thrown upside down after the terror attack. The rest of the NATCA September 11 site offers links to other archives, webrings, charity sites, memorial tributes, videos, cartoons, music, poetry, art work, photographs, multimedia tributes and humor, letters of support, and the famous photograph of the three firemen raising the flag.
Excerpt: This morning, we were sleeping when a VERY loud "boom!" awakened us at 8:43 a.m. We looked out the window and saw a huge, smoking hole in the side of the one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center....
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections