Title: Reflections on September 11, 2001
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Annotation:, the web site of the cable station, offers ten essays, two stories and three poems about the WTC disaster. The essays are written by science fiction novelists and are generally extremely interesting and provocative. The stories are science-fiction stories that serve as allegories for the WTC bombings and the aftermath.
Excerpt: History informs us about the past. Science fiction tells us about possible futures. After the events of September 11 we find ourselves on the cusp of history and at the crossroads of the future. As our community emerges from its shock, we are looking for ways to cope with recent and ongoing events, diffuse our rage, regain our security, find hope, and most of all make some sense out of the chaos. We hope these thoughts, stories and poems from familiar voices in our community will help.
Type: corporate
Contains: essays/reflections, discussion, links