Title: The Days After
Author: University of Chicago Press
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Annotation: This website includes ten essays written by authors from the University of Chicago Press plus a list of books from the press. The books are arranged by category including Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic states, War, Peace and Global issues, Islam: religion and civilization, Hotspots: ethnic conflict and violence, and Catastrophe. The essays are far-reaching and include such topics as when it is okay to joke again, the hijacking of the Islamic religion, and the rebirth of patriotism.
Excerpt: Essays and reflections from the staff: At the moment of catastrophe we fall silent. Language fails. The words come back; understanding takes much longer. As we return to normal—or to the state of heightened alertness we now call normal—we return to the task of explicating a world which seems suddenly to have become inexplicable....
Type: corporate
Contains: essays/reflections, links