Title: The World Trade Center Memorial
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Annotation: Designed by Prete Design and Domain Atlantic as a memorial to all of the victims of September 11. There is a card of hope that has been signed by almost 23,000 people worldwide. There is a message board with about 300 members with over 100 posts in nearly 100 different topics. A short history of the World Trade Center is posted as well. The section titled voices has internal links to poems, words, and illustrations that people have submitted to the site. There is also a first hand account of the attack on the World Trade Center, and a eulogy of a woman written by her best friend. It must be noted that the poems and words area could not be navigated on my computer. The section titled victims has a link to the lost person site of Newsday. The news section has links to CNN and Yahoo as well as a few postings of its own, and links to other memorial sites. The main homepage includes a discussion of the 6 month memorial tribute of lights at Ground Zero.
Excerpt: Although we are possibly the largest memorial website that has been put together in response to the September 11th attacks, we do not have any direct affiliation with the City of New York, or have any direct influence on the permanent memorial. We will soon have an FAQ page posted to assist anyone with many of the questions we recieve on a daily basis. Once again, we thank all of you for your help and support.
Type: organization
Contains: discussion, memorial, news, links, images, audio