Title: Ron Saladino: A World Trade Center Crash Survivor's Story
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Annotation: Ron Saladino joined a chat room from New York on September 13. This is an edited transcript of the session. Saladino provided a description of his experience in building seven on the 28th floor. He also answered questions from other chat room participants. This CNN website has several pages of links to stories written about September 11, which can be reached by using the search engine.
Excerpt: Building number 7, 28th floor. I heard a loud explosion followed by an earthquake type shaking. I immediately ran to the southern window, which faced the northern World Trade Center tower and I saw debris falling everywhere. I then looked up and saw a crater sized hole in the northern tower. Along with that, there was fire coming out all ends. And I saw individuals jumping, free falling for about 5 seconds to the ground -- they just fell from top to bottom.
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