Title: A Fireman's Story
Author: Ronald T. Coyne
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Annotation: Ronald T. Coyne, a New York firefighter, added his story to this website from the Queens Regular Baptist Church. He came on the scene of the World Trade Center as the first building collapsed. He ran to the second building to help evacuate people, when it collapsed. He hid in an SUV and tunneled out from it to find his partner who also survived. He describes the scene as he saw many dead EMS, NYPD, FDNY personnel with whom he worked. He had suffered many lung problems since that day and is being helped by the World Relief Fund. This is the same website that includes the story of Roz, an immigrant from Barbados. There are links to bombing photographs, pictures of rallies, pictures of reaction, biographies of military chaplains, and a memorial tribute written by Richard Weir of the Daily News for Officer Vincent Danz.
Excerpt: At 0900 hours, my Partner Trihn Dihn (trin-din) had just come out of Kings County Hospital.I could hear screaming coming over the radio for back up units forthwith.%uFFCA As soon as I made our unit available, we heard the dispatcher tell us to switch to citywide frequency and report to the World Trade Center.I heard on the radio that there was some sort of plane accident, which would not have been the first I have ever done.
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