Title: Tonya Young: Manhattan World Trade Center Survivor
Author: Tonya Young
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Annotation: This is the story of a young woman who worked for Lehman Brothers a the World Financial Center. She arrived by train just after the first plane hit, and she describes the scene as she tried to get to work, and then she details her escape from the area. The website is run by her father, Charles Young.
Excerpt: When I got off the PATH train at WTC (World Trade Center), I smelled something funny but wasn't sure what it was. I assumed something was going on in one of the tunnels and continued on as normal. I took the first set of escalators up to the regular subway level (PATH trains always run under the subway). It looked a little hazy and I definitely knew it was smoke that I was smelling. There is a restaurant at that level and I saw a flashing fire alarm light going off there, so I thought they must have burned some food pretty bad or even started a fire.
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