Title: The Phoenix Rising: A Survivor's Story
Author: George S. Phoenix III
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Annotation: The Little White Dog website is written by computer engineers who review computer games and hardware. This story is submitted by one of their forum members. He worked on the 74th floor of the World Trade Center Tower 1. He was on the elevator when the plane hit the tower. His story is a harrowing tale of being trapped in the elevator for 45 minutes with 5 other men on the 50th floor. He describes how they broke through the wall in front of the elevator as the shaft filled with smoke. He goes on to write the details of the rest of his escape.
Excerpt: What I've written here is a sequence of events of my experiences on September 11, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked. I've written it for myself so I wouldn't forget any of the details or sequence of events. Details tend to get jumbled up in one's head or forgotten over time. So, forgive me if it seems a little over-detailed.
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