Title: Scrapped
Author: David Grann
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Annotation: David Grann has written about his personal experience on September 11, first from the vantage point of his rooftop just after the collapse of one of the towers. Then he was able to get to Ground Zero with a volunteer police officer. He describes riding and walking through the smoke, soot, and debris. Just before heading home, he and the police officer collected as many documents as they could carry and take them back to the authorís apartment. The site is part of the New Republic Magazine online. There are links to other September 11 related stories including articles on the view from Brooklyn, retaliation, and other aspects of the war.
Excerpt: By the time I reached the roof of my apartment building on 21st Street, one of the towers was already gone. All you could see was a plume of smoke. An elderly tenant, who lives in the penthouse, was leaning over her railing, blinking at it.
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