Title: WTC-Surviversreport from Scott (Fwrded)
Author: Scott Kravet
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Annotation: This is thread of a digital conversation discussing 9/11 and the United States' reaction to it. The conversation varies from personal stories, to strong critiques of the Bush administration, to strong support of the adminisration's policies.
Excerpt: September 11, 2001 started off like any other day for me. I awoke, put on my work clothes and started my journey to the World Financial Center. My journey takes me southwest along the bottom of Chinatown, through Police Plaza, City Hall, along the World Trade Center, between buildings 1 (the north tower which is no more) and Building 7 (which collapsed the next evening) and then to my building, number 3 of the World Financial Center. We call our building WFC3 and I'm sure many of you are now familiar with it, at least by the sight of the pyramid shape on the top.
Type: personal
Contains: stories