Title: William Frankenstein's Story: BBC News
Author: William Frankenstein
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Annotation: He is a student at Stuyvesant High School who watched things unfold from the classroom windows before ordered to evacuate. Just after leaving the school, he had to run to escape the smoke, dust, and rubble from the collapse of Tower 2. This BBC online website also has links to the details of the four hijackings, a short synopsis of the World Trade Center disaster, photographs of the disasters, a list of the Twin Towers tenants, and a timeline of events.
Excerpt: The bell goes off, and period one changes to period two. AP Calculus BC. It was Tuesday, which also meant that I could put up homework on the board. I plop my bag down in room 407 and race to the back of the room, where already two girls from the other row are determining which problems to put up.
Type: personal
Contains: stories